• Where do I start?
  • How much can I borrow?
  • What’s the best deal for me?

We offer a special service to first time buyers

We offer a free initial meeting, at which we will explain to you the processes involved in your first property purchase. Let us show you how mortgages work, the costs, fees, charges and various payment options.

  • How much deposit will you need?
  • Can you still get a mortgage if you are self employed with only 1-2 years trading accounts?
  • What if you have a poor credit history?
  • What roles do the Estate Agent, the Surveyor and the Solicitor play?
  • Who do you have to pay and when – and what will it all cost?

There is a lot to learn and at Argyle Fox Finance we do not make a mystery out of what we do. We want to share our knowledge with you, believing that you will be more confident if you understand the mortgage / house buying process.

By the end of our first meeting you will have learned a lot, gained invaluable insight into how mortgages work and will have the self assurance to make an offer to purchase your first property.

To arrange your appointment as a first time buyer

Call 0121 704 3191 & ask for Michael Fox